Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Abspewtulation for the WIN!

A long time ago, in a blog far far away I discussed with you the ability to make up new words.

Over this past weekend, with the help of my youngest offspring, I abspewtulated again.

She was watching me break into my Unix Bash Shell and compress an mp3 song so that it would fit on her phone as a ringtone.  She's got a little Pantech phone and you can create custom ringtones, but the mp3 files used must be less than 300k.  I used Lame from the command line to lessen the bps.

Anyway, she was watching me type this stuff in to shrink the mp3 and she said, "It's like geeky magic".  I, of course, thought this was funny and it started my over active mind to thinking about geeky magic.  It's like when I get in my car and my phone connects to the car via Bluetooth and starts playing music.  Anytime you see something technologically uplifting that makes your eyes sparkle as the word cool gently escapes from your mouth and rises to the heavens.

This, my friends, is Mageek.  Pronounced, maj-eek.  Use it in a sentence today and add it to your vocabulary for it is now a neologism.

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