Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Cabo Prologue

image I got back from Cabo a day late because they cancelled my flight.  Something about severe weather in the DFW area on Monday (the 25th). 

I have tons of pictures, but none of them uploaded.  It was a much crazier trip than I anticipated.  I intend to try my hand at telling the whole story in a practice event for my eventual autobiography.The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

I’ve been reading Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography and have thoroughly enjoyed it thus far.  I figure if he can do it so can I.  You can actually click on the picture (of Ben) and support my blogging.  Okay, not really.  It links to where you can buy it on Amazon and supposedly I get “kick backs”, but it’s a free book anyway so I’m just messing.  It is fun to read though.  I just finished a chapter where he’s talking about printing extra paper currency to help the economy.

If you happen to have Type 1 Diabetes and you are wearing an insulin pump, let me tell you to make sure you know what your settings are and when you travel, take a backup pump, syringes and long lasting insulin.  This is also known, by those in the profession, as a “back up plan”.  Cabo was my first trip since I started wearing my pump 4 years ago without a backup plan.  Murphy loves me.

If you leave the country, make sure the airline you are flying with knows how to get in touch with you and make sure it’s readily available.  American Airlines tried to call me Monday morning, but they called on my mobile phone.  It costs $1/minute to answer so I didn’t.  3 hours later standing at the airport discovering all flights had been cancelled was making that $1 the worst $1 I ever saved.  It did say unknown caller though.

Mostly I hung out with Canadians while I was there.  I tried to tell them about my imageblog, but I doubt they’ll remember.  Therefore, I can be brutally honest in my telling.  Syndrome will be most pleased I’m sure.  Those Canadians are funny people.

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