Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Creating New Words

I make up words a lot. I discovered today that new words are called Neologisms. You have to go to Wikipedia to get a more detailed synopsis.

My favorite is when something tastes really good, it is leckerlicious. Lecker is German for delicious.

Anyway, today at work, we were taking a break and decided that there needed to be a word for the process of creating a new word. What do you call it when you put sounds together to create a new word? Is there already a word for it?

We created the word abspewtulate. To abspewtulate is to create a new word.

I was just in the act of abspewtulation when the tornado sirens went off and the wind started blowing and the electricity gave out. Luckily my computer and Internet are on UPS. I have 30 minutes to finish writing this post!

I briefly had to go downstairs and hide out with my bean bags in the room my kids like to call, "The Harry Potter Closet". It's the closet under the stairs.

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  1. My word for a dork who sometimes does something kinda cool-- dorkalicious