Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weeklies are Over

My Alliteration list officially ended this week and I've been thinking of something to follow it up with.

I kind of wanted to come up with something that was finite (like the alphabet list). It should have a specific end in site.

However, the only thing that keeps coming to me is a weekly edition of something I learned recently that you'd think I should have known many many years ago. Sadly, it appears to be an infinite list.

Like Durango is fond of mentioning that I did not know that the city of Fort Worth used to be an actual fort. Perhaps I didn't care. Or it just never occurred to me to ask the questions. But when Durango and I were pedaling from the stockyards to downtown Fort Worth, he enlightened me after I probably finally asked the stupid question like, "What is this doing here?"

I used to be scared of showing my ignorance. It made for a very quiet Gar. I never said anything or asked any questions for fear of seeming ignorant. If I didn't know something I'd just sit back and listen quietly figuring the answer would eventually come to me. I had to pay a counselor to learn that it's okay to ask questions.

Maybe every Friday or Saturday I could come up with a list of seemingly obvious things I learned this week. I've had some real winners over the past few weeks that would amuse some. I can use them as filler for my smart weeks. Like the chickens.


  1. I don't remember mentioning your gestalt moment about Fort Worth's origin, before. I'm sure I likely did, I just don't remember.

    What is troubling me right now is that picture in this post. You appear to be praying. It appears you are in Mexico. Some fried food matter seems to be in front of you and you are praying. With what appears to be some sorta goatee on your face. All in all, way too much disturbing imagery.

  2. That's why I supplied the link.

    That was a cool description. You missed the big margarita to my left. I was in Cozumel. I think those fried things were stuffed cheesy fried jalapenos.
    I had just bit into one and it leaked grease or something down my hand so I had my hands up to prevent the stuff dripping everywhere.

    But I like your analysis better.

    I picked it because I thought I was showing a very ignorant appearance. Your description fits right in.