Monday, June 29, 2009

Scientific Discovery and Cloud Computing

I'm thinking I might need to create another blog (or two).

Originally, I started doing this blog mainly for spouting off random opinions about things that tend to bug me. If you are hugely patient and maybe slightly insane you can go back to when I first started and most of my postings are political opinions mixed with some subtle and not so subtle bashing of the religious industry.

Occasionally, I'd throw in something regarding computers. I spend a lot of time with computers and I tend to solve a lot of problems because of it. I'm always surprised at how ignorant people are about computers.

I've also seen that themed blogs seem to do better than non-themed blogs. Random blogs are attractively challenged. People follow blogs because they are interested in the topic. Random blogs have no topic.

I've been watching SciQ Sunday sporadically on the Science Channel. It always gives me interesting ideas that I could blather on about in a blog. But I normally ignore the temptation until it goes away. I think last week or maybe the week before last they were talking about "Cloud Computing" which I've heard of before.

Instead of writing up a small post about it, it got me to thinking about how much I could write about computers. So maybe I need to create a blog dedicated to computers. It might lead into my authoring career. But I can't think of anyone that admits to reading this blog who would be the least bit entertained by a technical computer blog.

Then, yesterday, SciQ had a show on about (and I am paraphrasing big time) wavering interdimensional membranes and how they can be used to explain the unexplained. Without reading up on it and realizing that I don't have a physics degree, there were some oddities about the whole SciQ explanation that I found unpalatable. Here again, I thought it would be interesting to explore my ignorance in a public forum, but I decided it was not fit for my random blog. My random blog, although called random, has probably disintegrated into more of a random opinionated brain candy forum.I said something last week about advertising my ignorance by way of sharing something I've learned that probably everyone and their dog already knows. A couple of weeks ago, it was brought to my attention that hen eggs are not fertilized. I always thought there was a rooster and a hen. The rooster does his business and the hen lays eggs which undisturbed will turn into chickens. It took me until I was an old man to find out that hens lay eggs with or without a rooster. But only eggs after being fertilized by a rooster can become chickens. It's quite sad. I remember being scared of cracking open an egg for fear of finding half of a chicken.


  1. I would read your computer blog, but I'm sure I'd comment less frequently because of finding the subject rather difficult outside of pushing a few buttons and working software. AND maybe that would be a good thing, less comments, but it shouldn't really matter if it's read by a lot or a few...what's of extreme importance is that you would really enjoy writing about it, (again, I'm assuming, and I just got into trouble with Mr. Durango for assuming). I surmise that you should write it just for the sheer enjoyment of writing it. BUT what do I know? I live in Wink and unfortunately write about Wink, I know...I'm hopeless.

  2. There is, without a doubt, a certain amount of joy, simply in the writing.

    However, some things are more fun when they are read by others.

    And with those things it always seems that the more the merrier.

  3. My main blog is all over the place with no theme. Yesterday it got more visitors than any day previous. As in thousands. Just cuz I blogged about a stupid car chase in Dallas. My most specifically themed blog, the Roadtripping one, I can't cause to get many visitors. There is no sense to any of this stuff.