Thursday, June 18, 2009

Alliterator Animal Sh*t List: The Index

The index, as promised last week...
Atrocious Amounts of Alligator Anal Algae
Boatloads of Baleful Brown Buffalo Butt Boogers
Boundless Buckets of Buzzard Bowel Bullets
Chewy Cheesy Cheetah Chocolate Cheek Chunks
Dark Dank Dingy Dump of Dog Diarrhea
Elegant Elephant Entrails Earp
Freshly Fermented Fish Fecal Farts
Great Grimy Gooey Gobs of Greasy Grungy Gorilla Grunt
Humongous Hunks of Hyena Hiney Hockey
Icky Iguana Intestinal Ice
Juicy Jot of Jaguar Jowl Jelly
Kantankerous Krumblings of Kangaroo Krap
Loathsome Loads of Llama Loafs
Massive Mound of Musty Moose Manure
Nauseatingly Nasty Newt Nuggets
Overwhelming Oodles of Odiferous Orangutan Offal
Powerfully Pungent Penguin Poo-Poo Pellets
Quite Queasy Quail Quap
Randomly Ricocheting Rancid Rhinoceros Rectum Rounds
Soft Stinky Stallion Stool
Tough Tiny Turkey Turds
Unsavory Undulating Urchin Under Uglies
Vomitous Vat of Vociferous Viper Vile
Wicked Woozy Walrus Waste Wafers
Xylocarpous Xenopus Xenocrystic Xylan
Yesterdays Yellowing Yowling Yak Yuk
Zangy Zesty Zebra Zingers


  1. I'll bet the Rs were your dad's favorite. As I recall, he seemed to really like the word "rectum" and tried to slip it into conversation whenever possible....

    Do you have a favorite? (you might have said this in one of the posts, but I don't remember).

  2. Well, my dad and uncle started it. And they started it because Dad was calling someone a Tough Tiny Turkey Turd. If I remember right, the P's or the T's had to be his favorite.

    As for me, I'm partial to the G's.

  3. I gotta admit the Ts have a certain cadence. I could imagine using that pretty frequently. The Ps seem like you're trying too hard. They don't just roll off the tongue. The Gs are harder to say, but, like the Ts, they have a nice rhythm & the GRs in there give it a nice gutteral feel.

  4. You have to almost sing the P's. With the word Poo-Poo an octave higher than the rest. With a distinct emphasis on the word Powerfully. It's said with a power while the remainder is said in a sing song kid's voice. Except the word Pungent is kind of a bridge. I suspect you have to hear it.

    I'll try and get a recording of it said by the maestro when I'm up there visiting in a couple of weeks.