Thursday, December 18, 2008

Alliterator Animal Sh*t List: The Letter 'B'

I've been waiting for this moment now for 7 long days, but it has finally arrived. Today's letter is: "The Letter B". It's like Sesame Street! Here's last week's entry if you missed it.

I had a crazy guy who calls himself Ed chime in with an entry for the B list. I'll put the historical entry first and then follow up with Ed's. He didn't include a picture. Sometime probably in June I'll post all 26 alliterations. When there are choices I'll go with the ones with the most votes. Since millions of people come tracking through here daily it may be difficult at times for me to keep a running count.

But, without further nonsense we have:
Boundless Buckets of Buzzard Bowel Bullets

I couldn't find a good picture...

Ed's entry:
Boatloads of Baleful Brown Buffalo Butt Boogers
I may have to change Butt to Bowel. It seems like, although I will have to verify, that back when this list was written there were certain rules as to which words one could use. As in you can't use the word Sh*t. There might have been another rule regarding common synonyms for butt or ass. Generally, they should all be tame enough that a 1970's 6 year old could read them and not get the big eyes that say, "I'm not supposed to say that". It's all about getting kids to talk about animal feces without saying anything "naughty".


  1. I'm commenting on your loving chaos and not staying on one topic too long. Yes. Chaos. And drama. And novelty. For more on that see


  2. Hmmm. Mildly interesting link.

    My dad always said that boredom is a sign of stupidity (paraphrased non-too-gently). When someone says they are bored they are basically saying, "I am too stupid to think of anything to do to entertain myself."

    I can sit at an airport for hours and never become bored.

    I don't get bored. I switch gears way before that happens.