Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Life's A Game

A hypothetical situation for you.

You are given an opportunity to play a game. The rules for the game were written over 2000 years ago in a language you don't understand. However, someone has translated the rules for you. Actually, they've been translated into English several different times in various forms of readability and credibility. There are thousands of interpretations of these rules.

In the last 2000 years or so a small percentage of people in the world have followed the rules correctly. The majority of people have either misinterpreted the rules or failed to even try and interpret the rules.

However, if you follow the rules correctly, you will get to live forever in peace and happiness with no worries. If you follow these rules incorrectly, you live forever in pain and torment. Forever is a long time. It's a huge risk. Do you play?


  1. Methinks sombody's been chatting with a fundamentalist Christian....

  2. Oh and...

    Boatloads of baleful brown buffalo butt boogers.

  3. I don't chat with such folks.

    It's not Thursday yet although your alliteration was quite delightful. I especially like Butt Boogers. I'll have to remember that in my "B" post although I have to give credit to my dad before I post alternates. Something about buzzards.

  4. Someone has been looking into Pascal's Wager....and the primary fallacy in Msr. Pascal's wager is that in a game, or in a wager, there must be established odds.

    What are the odds that Xty is closer to the way the world works than Islam? Or Scientology? Or the Church of the FSM? We don't know. And that's where the game breaks down.

  5. Mr. Whited. Perhaps I should have titled it, "Life's a Test". But Games are more fun. I've never heard of Pascal's Wager. I might have to look into it.

    I like the idea of odds in choosing a religion though. I may have to blog about that in the future.