Monday, December 1, 2008

Confessions of a Sinner

I have a confession to make. I like Obama. I went to the Libertarian election watching party on election night. It was an interesting event.

I try not to watch commercials or listen to any of the rhetoric leading up to the election. I don't believe you can know a person based on what you see on TV. It's too greased up by the public relations people or skewed for optimum drama by the news.

I've never liked George W. Even when he was governor of Texas, I didn't like him. However, if he ever invited me to have dinner at his ranch, I'd probably be left with a different opinion. It would be something fun to blog about regardless.

I always liked Bill Clinton. I've lied once in my life that I can remember. And I did it because I was too ashamed to tell the truth. Getting a hummer in the oval office by Monica would be embarrassing for me to talk about or admit.

Maybe I am a Democrat disguised as a Libertarian. I've had Type I Diabetes for 27 years and socialized medicine scares the hell out of me. Losing my job and therefore my insurance also scares the hell out of me. I talked about my health care solution before though. I'll probably never live long enough to retire and yet I put a big chunk of money into Social Security every year. I should be able to use that money to cover my expenses for diabetes since diabetes will prevent me from retiring anyway.

But, I'm rambling again. Obama seems smart. I watched him with Bill O'Reilly and he was impressive. Is it because he's taken speech lessons and knows how to communicate in a seemingly ligitimate, caring fashion? Can he really do the things he has said he will do? Can he go through government spending line by line and really eliminate wasteful spending?

I've decided I'm going to like him. I've tried really hard not to. But, it makes me happier when I decide I like him so I like him. I can only be negative for so long. If he fails on the budget cut backs and messes up my health care, it'll make the disappointment all the more severe. Is there such a thing as a Democratic leaning Libertarian?


  1. I belong to TAL Tampa area Libertarians. We have several Democrats who bug the hell out of me. I think they're plants by big brother.

  2. TAL is also Transaction (or Tandem) Application Language :).

    Further evidence that I may be a democrat: Privacy has never concerned me.