Friday, December 19, 2008

Shoe Throwing Crime

In case you've been living under a rock (which I didn't see you there if you were), some guy in Iraq threw his shoes at George.

I'm thinking this is pretty funny. But then I was reading about how much trouble this shoe thrower is in and I'm thinking, he should have aimed better and threw harder and accounted for elderly politician duck rate (EPDR).

So, anyway, to amuse myself I was checking to see how many people have been killed or seriously injured by a thrown shoe. I came across this:

On the night of the murder, Zassoukhina had yelled and kicked at Kiseljev's bedroom door for 40 minutes before he opened it and they started fighting.

Justice Dunford said that during the fight Kiseljev hit Zassoukhina over the head a number of times with the shoe's heel before realizing she was dead.

But this wasn't good enough for me, so I searched some more and found this:

A 200 pound woman in New York has been charged with manslaughter. She allegedly sat on her boyfriend and beat him to death with her size 12 high-heeled shoe. Anna Rhinehart, 40, was also charged with criminal possession of a weapon - her shoe.

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