Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terrorism in India

I've come to see my parents for Thanksgiving. I often do this. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

My parents have, I think 4 TV's in this little house and they are all locked onto Fox News. I don't normally watch TV and I definitely don't like watching the news. Of course, after seeing how well received Durango's TV blogs are, I've about decided I'm in the wrong line of randomness.

So, anyway, when I woke up this morning, the media was all over this thing that happened in India where these cowardly boys came on shore and took over several hotels to kill innocent people.

This kind of stuff irritates me so much I lose any sense of rational thought that I pretend to have. The only reason I can think of that they do things like this is for media attention and we are proud to provide it. And lots of it! It doesn't accomplish anything else.

I think, they should quit calling these guys Jihadists or Terrorists or whatever the name of the day is. I try to run a rated PG blog, but in my opinion they should start calling them CDAMFWHSTMTFD. It's kind of hard to pronounce. It stands for Cowardly Dumb-Ass Mother F'ers Who Have Spent Too Much Time F'ing Donkeys.

I mean these guys go into these hotels and try to take out all British and Americans? Do they have something against speaking English? I assume they had to speak English to get their point across because you don't meet too many American's that can speak CDAMFWHSTMTFDish.

I'd almost be willing to watch the news if I could find a channel that would never use the term Terrorists. Even if they could just swap it out with "Stupid asses" or "Monkey boys". Let's see how that works. From here:

Mumbai, Nov 27: Even as the Army and NSG commandos gained an upper hand at the Taj, fresh firing broke out between the security forces and monkey boys at Nariman house and two blasts were heard from inside.
One injured monkey boy is still holding out at the Taj, with almost all guests having been rescued.
The remaining monkey boy is reported to be injured and is trading fire with the security forces trying to bring him down.


  1. Ok you're starting to scare me. You sound like my brother.
    You can find his blog through mine.

    Any hoo to be PC you can't use monkey boys you would have to use stupid asses. I can think of some others, which I almost wrote down, but since this is a PG post I'll refrain.

    One does have to wonder doesn't one. Would there be as much violence around the world if there were no media. But that is impossible to contemplate. There's always a way to spread news and there will always be violence.

  2. I might be ignorant. Why is monkey boys not PC? Isn't it just another name for stupid asses?

    I think a certain amount of violence is caused by people that want media attention. But, you could also maybe argue that the shame of possible media attention may also prevent some forms of criminal activity.

  3. I do think that some violent people seek media attention. And the media is more than willing to give it. Which is ashame.

    Wars are fought for conquest, to right a wrong, for independence, many reasons. If you believe in evil then some dictators are just evil.

    I don't know the answer. Maybe Obama does. Bush sure didn't. If you believe the Bible then there will always be wars and rumors of wars. There have been 6 wars in my life time involving the US I can't say that any of them have had a positive outcome.

    As far as the PC thing some people refer to African Americans as monkeys. So I would'n want you to offend any one. I know what you ment but some one else may take it the wrong way.

    As far as the statement "But, you could also maybe argue that the shame of possible media attention may also prevent some forms of criminal activity." Maybe if your a Senator in a bathroom at an airport tapping your foot toward the next stall. That would prevent me from that kind of criminal activity.