Monday, November 10, 2008

New World Order

A friend of mine, from Seattle*, sent me this cartoon today.  I thought it was laugh out loud funny.  I assume most people will find it insulting in one way or another.

I've already shared it, and people, that know me, are offended by it.  It makes me question my sense of humor.  Does stuff like this irritate more people or make more people laugh?  And how many of those people laugh for the wrong reason?  Is there a wrong reason to laugh?

I have no idea why the text turned blue.  I choose to leave it.

* I chose to designate simply because there are others from Seattle.  I know it makes no sense.


  1. Sooo, the people that were offended by this--what was their concern? Was their concern that it was making fun of white conservatives or of gloating lefties? Or was it the flagrant use of the word "dashiki?"

    I guess I could get that someone who's pretty literal minded could not "get" it. But I'm genuinely curious what they were offended by.

  2. I honestly believe it's a deep seeded nervousness about anything approaching something that could possibly remotely in some dark corner of the galaxy be considered racist.
    The "give all the white people's guns to the black people program" in particular.

  3. Wow, that's pretty interesting. I just kindof assumed it would be related to the way it was making fun of all the Rush followers. But, from what you say, they just totally missed the satire. My favorite moment is when the white dude asks if a dashiki is "some kind of special moustache?" and the response is, "uh, yeah, whatever scares you the most, man."

    Speaking of racism & humor on the edge...Something Positve

  4. Okay, I totally didn't get this at first. I stared at the guy waving the flag and did not get what was supposed to be amusing. And I'll admit, once again I sat here questioning both your sanity and your sense of humor. And then I clicked on the thing. You did not indicate this was a video. Or if you did that indication slipped by me. So, I watched the video. It was funny. I agree with the lower case ed person, I don't get why anyone would be offended. It was making fun of right wing idiots and Texas School Board Officials. And it is true, people from Seattle and its environs would have a greater tendency to get it than people from, I duuno. places like Texas.

  5. Dang! I forgot to tell people to push the PLAY button. It's the little triangular shaped button on the toolbar immediately below the video.

    The humor on the edge that "ed" linked almost needs a disclaimer. Almost.

  6. You mean we gotta give up our guns!

    Ovuh myuh deyad lilly wite a-yuss
    The south will rise again ye haw