Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Naked, Rich and Famous by McDonalds

So, there is the married couple from Arkansas who have become famous seemingly overnight and it seems they may even become rich. It only took a little nudity and stupidity to get there. I have so many opinions of this story I don't know where to start. I'm all atwitter.

If you haven't heard, you can read it here, or you can just look at my witty and opinionated summary here.

Basically, the couple seemed to have a steamy relationship. She was sending him cool naked pictures of herself in various poses to his cell phone at work. This is pretty cool. I don't recommend people sending naked pictures via email or over the air to cell phones because no telling how many people will get to see them en route, but still. If your wife loves you enough to send cool naked pictures of herself to you while you are at work. More power to ya.

In my wicked imagination, I see him ordering a Big Mac at McDonald's and sitting down to eat
when she sends him the best one yet! Then, in all the excitement and mayhem that ensues, he leaves his stuff at the table and races home to see if his wife is still in the exciting pose. They make mad passionate love before he realizes that he left his phone at McDonald's.

He quickly washes his hands and calls the McDonald's where some horned up teen answers the phone and affirms that they have indeed found the man's phone and "will keep it safe" for his impending return to fetch it.

Of course, the teen had already notified his friends who had notified their friends who had finally found someone with a cool website and they had bluetoothed the information to someones phone so as to keep it for future perusal.

The guy posted them to his website for the world to see. According to the story, he also posted the cell phone number from whence the pictures were taken.

It wasn't long before the man had his phone and was receiving text messages and phone calls commenting on the photos. I'm guessing his wife was pretty hot!

For some reason this was embarrassing to them so they had to change jobs and move to a new location and this is where the story takes a strange twist. You see, up until now, I had never heard this story. I never knew their names, "Philip Sherman and Tina Sherman", and I never knew their shame. Up until now this was a local story about a local couple that were treated pretty poorly by one or more horned up teens.

So, this embarrassed couple, after changing phone numbers, jobs and houses, decides to sue McDonald's. Did they not realize that this would make the story national? Now every man and his dog is Googling for these pictures. They've sued for $3,000,000 over something about invasion of privacy, loss of income and general turmoil. Heck, this story is probably worldwide. There are probably guys in Beijing trying to break through the Chinese crackdown on the Internet so they can see the photos.

I wonder if they realize how many people running the computer systems for whichever wireless provider they use have seen these pictures and shared them with their friends and family? You can't send emails. You can't send text messages and not realize that any number of people can see it. It only takes one to put it on the Internet.

My wife is really hot. She's the sexiest woman I've ever met. And I've got some good pictures. I don't store them on my phone and I don't send them via email. But, hey, if McDonald's starts handing out $3,000,000 for stuff like this, I'm going to go get some extra cell phones. I've got some ground to cover. I'll blanket the area with lost cell phones at various stores. Eventually someone will find one and put the pictures on the Internet! It'll be the easiest $3,000,000 ever!!!


  1. Yeah, that whole hassle of women sending you nude photos....It was happening to me so much, I had to get an unlisted number.

    Seriously, though, what do you think are the chances that these two are scamming McD's?

  2. Scam was my first thought. If I had seen that actual pictures, it might shed more light on the subject (snicker snicker).

    It's free advertising for McDonald's as well.

    We may never hear "the rest of the story".