Monday, November 3, 2008

Age of Conan Server Merger

Ha!  I'm done with politics.  I read an interesting article about all these bloggers shifting to politics during election season because they get lots of search hits on their blogs.  I refuse to be a part of that.

I'll run for President next time around.  After I get the government contract to implement my online voting system.  I'm going to change the world.  Or at least the USA.

Oh yeah, the server merger.  I'm still playing Age of Conan.  I find that I get a lot of people searching for MMO comparisons.  Why they end up on my blog is a testament to the randomness of Google searches!

Age of Conan has, for some reason, tanked as far as a player base.  I normally don't like a lot of people on the servers I am playing on.  It's distracting because they tend to get in the way.  But, in other situations you needs players to group with.  Sometimes groups make the game more fun.  I went for about 2 weeks without playing at all and when I got back all the groups I had been playing with had dissolved.  Sad but true.

I'm not exactly sure why this happened.  Perhaps because World of Warcraft is coming out with an expansion in a couple of weeks and everyone has decided to shift back to that populated universe.  It would be nice if Blizzard would come out with a mature type game like Age of Conan.  Somehow, Blizzard has a gift for creating games that everyone and their dogs play.  And World of Warcraft is easy enough for Rover to enjoy.

This post is so random I'm sure I've scattered off my handful of readers that have stuck with me through all my gyrations.

Anyway, the idea of a server merger is to merge together two or more lightly populated servers to make one server that is more populated thus earning the acronym MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online).  I wonder if there is a minimum number of players required to earn that title.  I wish I could have a MMB (Massively Multireader Blog).  I don't know though.  That might cause too much stress.  I don't want to disappoint anyone.

Or maybe I do.  Sometimes I think I should post something really off the wall just to see if anyone is reading.  I used to think I was posting something really off the wall only to discover I was being quite tame.

If I don't post for a couple of weeks does that make my reader base decline similar to an MMO?  I was gone from Age of Conan for a couple of weeks and when I got back the player base was down significantly.  Was it my fault?  If they ask nicely, I'll help them with the server merge.  I am quite the systems architect and problem solver extraordinaire.


  1. Actually I don't think AoC has a players drop, it's just that gamers are going into a few servers. Set, Wiccian and Cimmerian are packed.

  2. In that case, I need to research moving my characters around.

    I believe that servers have a minimum population to be playable. If the player base drops below that minimum then you have to move or be part of a merge.

    Of course, I have yet to see a place I can go and actually see the number of players on my servers. I know that they all say, "Medium Load".