Saturday, November 1, 2008

Wasting Votes

I really had good intentions when I logged in.  I was going to write about wasting votes after my interesting lunch with a friend of mine on Friday.

He's always telling me that I'm wasting my time and wasting my vote.  Maybe he read this.

Anyway, in our lunch debate I was telling him that I was taking off work early to get home and do some early voting and that I would vote Libertarian simply because I can't stand the other two candidates.  While it is nice that Obama promises change, he's still a Democrat.  That's no change at all.  If we want change we have to vote differently.  I think that's pretty logical.  So, everyone says, "We need change" and then they vote for one of the media appointed candidates who are either Democrat or Republican (Republicrats for short or Demolicans).  And then everyone is horribly disappointed when nothing changes.

Oops I almost went off on a tangent.  Anyway, one of the two blogs I read regularly already touched on the wasted vote segment and already borrowed my logic, so you can just read it here.

My lunch time buddy (who was berating me for wasting my vote) is going to vote for Obama.  I asked him if he realized that he lives in Texas.  Texas doesn't do much voting for Democrats.  So, with that logic, anyone in Texas not voting for McCain is wasting his or her vote.  All 34 electoral votes will go the way they've gone the last 28 years.  We do live in the belt buckle.  And why the hell did we vote for Carter?  I wasn't allowed to vote back then.

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