Friday, June 26, 2009

My Irritation Knows No Bounds

Because my creativity is lacking the motivation to come up with anything blogworthy, I've decided to just write about my day. It's an attempt to irritate my plethora of readers.

Today, I woke up tired. I hate waking up tired, but I seem to do it a lot lately. I think it has to do with my wife's new job and the strange hours. It may also have something to do with the new monotony that has invaded my daily routine. That was redundant. Just in case you weren't paying attention.

Work was dull. I had to interview someone. I wasn't impressed. Sometimes I think I am too hard on interviewees. I expect intelligent semi-perfection and I hardly ever see it. The ability to think would probably be adequate. It's alarming how many people lack the ability to think. Even college graduates can give you text book answers to questions, but when you ask them a question that requires creative thought, they fall flat. Book smarts may be adequate to get a degree, but they are not adequate to pass one of my interviews.

After work, my always entertaining buddy called me and asked me to join him for happy hour. I met him at Buffalo Wild Wings. We had some entertaining conversation and some good drinks. He was worried that when his girlfriend arrived, it might dampen the fun. In hindsight, I think he was preparing me for his ineptitude and trying to pass the buck.

She was all for going out. He, on the other hand, was one big whiny baby. He forced us to go back to his house where he said he needed to take a nap. His girlfriend and I made plans to go to an improv comedy club in Fort Worth. He said he ate too much and needed to take a nap before heading out. I could see it was a ploy for him to be a low qualified party pooper, but I gave him the benefit of a doubt and allowed him to take a 30 minute nap.

He finally said, "You guys can go without me." This doesn't seem like such a big deal, but for some reason it was very disheartening. It's the first time we had been out in several weeks. It was like the end of an era. I feel that things will never be the same. We didn't go without him.

While he was sleeping, this camp where my oldest daughter is hiding out kept calling me. Well, they called me twice. The first time they called, it was to ask if they could give her Tamiflu because one of the kids at camp had come down with Type A Flu. Type A flu is a big category. Swine Flu is Type A. It's the most common and most serious.

After my buddy had been passed out for about 15 minutes they called me again to let me know my daughter was running a temp of 102 and they figured she had the flu. This time they were calling to administer Tamiflu not as a precautionary measure but as a treatment. They also advised me that I needed to come pick her up.

I don't really know where she's at. I know it's some place called Skyranch but her mom took her there. She was scheduled to go pick her up tomorrow morning anyway. I guess now she'll be making a midnight rendezvous. They said they tried to call her first and couldn't get her on the phone and my number was listed as backup. Luckily, I guess, my youngest daughter had her phone so I was able to get in touch with the woman.

It was stressful. A comedy club would have been a nice respite.

As it is now, I am at home writing on this boring blog while my youngest daughter watches TV. She would rather come stay with me than ride with her mom to flu camp. Smart girl.


  1. Like the new clean shaven's very Franklin of you.

    When I come to Dallas in August, and am blighted with a terrible headache and can't go're not going to blog mean things about me are you?

  2. Unfortunately, that is a very old pic. I think 6 years or so. When I still had a solid set of follicles.

    Don't get headaches. My meanness knows no bounds.