Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blogs and Religion

If you look to the column on the right, you'll see a list of Random Blogs. These are random blogs that I try to keep up with. They are all interesting in random ways.

Today's reading of The Whited Sepulchre's blog was especially heart warming. I haven't felt such pent-up emotions in 20+ years. There is apparently a splintering in the Baptist community over the rights of gays to attend church. My irritation (20 years ago) stemmed from listening to the "wrong" kind of music and the firing of a youth minister who was promoting too much enjoyment at church. Anyway, you can read The Whited Sepulchre's account if you desire. It hit a personal note with me. It's why to this day I believe organized religion is the root of all evil. Damn Kentucky Southern Baptists.

My friend Ed and his wife write the Pause, Rewind blog. It seems to be a part time venture. In fact I haven't heard from Ed in a couple of weeks. Perhaps I should investigate his continued good health.

The latest blog I started reading is written by a friend of mine from high school. We were the two smartest kids in a class of 20 or so. I can't remember the exact number. In fact I may have blocked a lot of memories. I just tell people I barely graduated in the top 10%. It's the one I call J'Girls blog (also on the right). That's not what she calls it. She's on a diet and has promised cool pictures. She has been keeping us all updated as to her progress. This week she has incoming toxicity which I've been trying to tell her to avoid. I think it's complicated. Stress kills.

I think the rest of them I've talked about before. And I grow blog tired.


  1. Yes, I know stress kilz... I had a very interesting discussion with my boss today, he also grew up Southern Baptist and has a harsh disdain for any organized religion. We are in agreement that religion was created in order to control the masses and what's funny, we pay (tithe) them to keep us enslaved (i'm sure that's been said before) but I was thinking... maybe the Romans created Jesus, you know because the Jews were kinda toxic for them. I find it very suspicious that Jesus said, "Render unto Caesar what's his..." hmmm...He was so Pro-Government. There's more to the theory, but I've got to sort it all out before I say anymore.

  2. Yes, Paige and I are alive and kicking, we're just adjusting to being back in the US of A. We got back this past Thursday and then I promptly got sucked into work.

    Any, yes, I know we haven't done a particularly good job keeping up the blog. Bah. I'm just too damn busy living life. Time to pause, rewind....