Friday, July 17, 2009


I've been in Hannover since Wednesday. Lots of people out walking around in Hannover. The streets are always crowded with people walking and riding. They have lots of bicycle lanes all over the place and people use them. It's highly unusual. Is it because the weather is fairly cool even in July? I mean I can wear shorts, but it's not unbearably hot. Perhaps people in Texas would like to get out and be social but it's better to sit undernearth their air conditioners...


  1. Are you home yet? It's awful boring sitting here in the house under the air conditioning in Wink, Texas.

  2. In a nod to your hosts: a nice little Sprite ad in Germany was banned.

  3. I've been all over Northern part of Germany. Unfortunately, No Bavarian trips this time around. I'm in Fulda now. I'll be returning on Montag.

    Commercial was great. Everyone should go watch it. Just as an FYI, a couple of German television stations broadcast soft and not so soft porn over the air every Wednesday evening (that I know of). It kind of makes the commercial (and the story behind it) more reasonable.