Saturday, July 11, 2009


I've been watching the Heroes series on Netflix "Watch It Now".

If you haven't heard of it, it's the story of accelerated evolution creating humans with "special" powers.

The story takes place in cool places like Tokyo, New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Odessa, Midland and Kermit.

It's a good story. I'm almost done with the first season and I am thoroughly enjoying it.
Of course, I get the extra benefit of the comic relief when they are in the Odessa/Midland mode. Here is a picture of a park in Kermit (taken from the series). I wonder if the people making the series realize that Kermit is a desert and it's 10 miles from a town called Notrees because there are no trees. It cracks me up.

At one point she goes to visit her mom at a trailer park in Kermit. She's wearing a parka for Pete's sake. The trailer park looks like one of those wooded creepy places in the backwoods of Mississippi. I think they could try a little harder to be at least geologically/climatologically accurate. Of course, then it wouldn't be near as funny.


  1. Kinda resembles the back woods of Mississippi, but you'd see less daylight through the trees and the grass is St. Augustine. :)

  2. My favorite thing along these lines is when they're having football practice and you can see all these mountains in the background. Yeah, not so much west texas, more so. cal.

    But then, considering the number of people who watch the show who have ever actually *been* to the permian basin, I really don't think it matters. As an aside, I really liked that the secret base was in a big paper factory--why would you have a paper factory in a desert with no real plant life? Etc....

  3. To me Heroes is one of those shows that got bad the further in you go. First season was good, second season was bad, third season is a confusing mess. Hopefully the fourth season will be better

  4. Well, I watched the first episode of the 2nd season. The comic relief is now gone as Claire and the gang have relocated.

    The end of the first season was getting a little iffy. It seems that the writers were having to do some rather uncharacteristic things to keep the story going.

    I believe it is the nature of the beast. You can't have a guy that can bend space/time and another guy that can absorb everyone else's powers and continue to keep a story going in an exciting fashion.

  5. Wait till you get to season 3. There's no less than 5-6 people who can dream/paint the future and travel back in time. It was confusing as hell.