Thursday, July 30, 2009

Naked Olympics

I was reading Ghost's blog today and he wrote about something that I had not heard of. Probably because I don't watch the news. I don't really know how I stay informed.

Anyway, it seems that science and technology have developed swimsuits that allow people to swim much faster. It's called "dope on a hanger" by some. I thought they'd been wearing the little rubber head gear, shaving their heads and putting on speedos for years, but I guess this is somehow much better.

Results seems to indicate it is. The use of the high tech swimwear will be banned in April or May of 2010, but only after several world records have been broken. So now what happens with all these records? Do they qualify them with an *with the help of technology?

Does that mean they have to go back to when people first started wearing swimsuits at all and qualify all records? Does each record have to be qualified with what the athlete was wearing?

How will they handle the track events? Qualify each record with a shoe type (make and model)? What about ice skating?

I think the only meaningful solution would be to go back to naked Olympics without the aid of surgical reductions. I know I'd watch. It would give the breast stroke a whole new titillating perkiness in the woman's 100 meter relay.


  1. Wondering if that whole post was a set up so you could write, "the breast stroke a whole new titillating perkiness."


  2. I have been found out in my childish attempt at oogling titillating perkiness. I am so ashamed :)