Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When Two Gangs of Idiots Collide

Many years ago, the TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) decided that the only way to stop drunk driving was to arrest people before they drove. They started hanging out (under cover) in bars in the DFW area to arrest people for public intoxication (in the bar).

I don't know when exactly they started the fiasco, but it was suspended (supposedly) in 2006 when they arrested an individual for public intoxication at a hotel bar where the individual was a guest. Obviously, the person wasn't going to drive anyway. It was just an idiotic team of law enforcement officials with absolutely no common sense and an overwhelming desire to tout their power and their boundless stupidity.

On Sunday, June 28th, (probably started Saturday night) the idiots at the Fort Worth Police Department decided to gang up with the idiots from the TABC and go around arresting "publicly intoxicated" people at bars. I've heard rumor that the "official" policy is to let the people go if they can prove they have sober means of transportation.

But, you put two power hungry groups of idiots in the same place at the same time and a carnage of stupidity is sure to be released. The public's version of what happened differs greatly from the idiot's version of what happened. Here is the idiot's version.

In the carnage, one man was sent to the hospital. Rumor has it he wasn't even tested for alcohol. Can you imagine going to a bar and being conked over the head and thrown out the door in handcuffs for ordering a beer? In my 40 years of existence I've only encountered 2 bad cops and they were both in small cities. Then there were the 8 Italian cops who, I thought, might be up to something like their Forth Worth counterparts.

Here's a public account. You can do a search for yourself and make a decision. I'm just looking at historical evidence of previous TABC fiascoes. Texas has too many commisions.

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