Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Six Flags Over Texas

Online comics have taken on an unforeseen entertainment value for me. Something Positive is one that I frequent. Back on June 23, Something Positive started a little mini-series concerning Speelunkers.

When I was a child growing up in the desert of West Texas we called home, we'd take an annual trip to Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington. We all looked forward to it. I remember we'd have a garage sale where Mom would encourage us to get rid of all our old junk to make money for the trip.

What do I remember most about those trips to Six Flags? All the rides that aren't there any more.

Like the Speelunker Cave. It wasn't a scary ride. There were no twists or turns although there was one small water fall you have to float over in your plastic sounding creaky canoe. It was all about the mystery. When you entered the cave you were in the cave. The air conditioning was so cold, you'd forget it was 105 outside. And it was dark. They replaced the Speelunkers with Looney Tunes.

Then there was La Salle's River Adventure. You ride in a riverboat with other guests and the captain of the ship narrates the adventure. I remember getting in a firefight with Indians as we floated down the river. It was in the French district.

They used to have a skylift that took you from one side of the park to the other. They used to have a giant slide that came down from the red tower in the middle.

Back in the old days Six Flags Over Texas was themed towards the 6 flags. It was somewhat historically themed. Now it's themed towards Looney Tunes and the Super Friends. It's very irritating. It's no wonder they are having financial problems.


  1. Speaking of "good" old times...Scotty Carmen is the new elementary principal in Wink Town. Just saw him at the gym today, already wearing his orange shirt :P I've had some people hinting of a possible romance, but...Scotty is married with two lovely children. The little girl, Brook, is in the same grade as Annie. BUT...the new coach coming to town from Iraan (Go Braves) is single and I heard...he's my age ;)

  2. I miss those old rides too. "Casa Magnetica", which wasn't even a ride, just a funhouse of optical illusions.
    Now every ride is a marketing gimmick for some dumbass tv show or movie.
    And you have to watch ads while waiting in line.