Monday, July 18, 2011

Going 110 To 40 (Vapors)

I have a t-shirt that reads, "Extreme Indoor Enthusiast".  For some reason, I've never been much for the great outdoors.

My good buddy Durango tried to cure me about 10 years ago.  He convinced me to cut my hair, but he never managed to break me of my outdoor problem.  He was fond of calling it the vapors and when he gave up trying to cure me, I never heard from him again.  Here's a list of his complaints:

I can kind of see why he finally gave up.  I tried to scan and see how many times I saw the phrase, "case of the vapors".

So anyway, over the weekend I was invited to Platter Flats Recreation Area.  It's part of Lake Texoma on the Oklahoma side of the lake.

On Saturday, I was full steam fun loving Gar the Texan.  Running at 110 percent.  I stayed out on the lake.  I went tubing.  I played Frisbee.  I cracked jokes.  I went swimming.  Yeehaa!  After about, maybe 4 hours of this, I crashed.  I had me a good case of the vapors.  I went from 110 to 40 in 30 seconds.

It is the most irritating thing imaginable.  I can see why Durango finally gave up on me.  I'm ready to give up on  me too.  The nice woman who allowed me to come on the camping adventure told me that had she known beforehand of my outdoor vapors problem, she would not have allowed me to date her friend.  Sad, but true.  She kind of reminded me of Durango a little bit.  Both of them older than me and in better shape and more active.

It all started when I realized my insulin pump had quit working.  I went out of my way to buy a waterproof insulin pump from Animas (supposedly water proof up to 12 feet).  This is the second one in less than 6 months which has sustained water damage.  I'm not sure I'm too happy with Animas.  I'm tempted to buy a different pump and getting a waterproof case.  Of course, then the pump company wouldn't be as apt to replace my pump when the case malfunctions.  I guess it's better to buy one that professes to be waterproof even though it doesn't seem very consistent.  Perhaps I'll continue using the Animas pump and buy a waterproof case as well...

But, the broken pump just caused me stress.  I'm fairly certain the nausea was caused by some sort of heat exposure.  Perhaps I didn't drink enough water?  I've switched to a strict water diet.  I've drank more water since Saturday than I have all year.  I'm hoping I get invited to the next camping adventure.  I just hope the next camping adventure doesn't take place until my nightmares have subsided.

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