Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summertime SAD

At some point in the last few days, hidden among a dozen posts about the current heatwave,  Durango tried to insult me.  At first, I was hurt and a little sad.

But I read further and saw the blame for his outburst was hidden in his blog.  He, being brought up in the cool rainy climate of the Pacific Northwest region, is suffering from, what appears to be, a severe case of Summertime SAD.

He's been posting temperature updates 4 times a day and he only blogs 5 times a day.  I'm really rather concerned for his well being.

He needs help.  But, as he pointed out in one of his comments; I don't know where he lives so I can't help him except by posting this cry for help on his behalf.

If you know where Durango lives or have an appointment to see him in some capacity, please give him a glass of ice water along with a couple of chill pills.  Thanks.


  1. Garbo, you are just way too hyper-sensitive. Durango wasn't trying to insult you, what he was doing was making fun of you and your way over the top overreaction to some guy you heard on the radio. I can't imagine why this would hurt you and make you sad.

    I don't have Summer SAD. If I were up in the PNW right now I would be suffering from SAD. And shivering.

  2. I don't know the physical abode of where Durango resides, but I can safely guide you to Tandy. If I recall correctly, he can be spotted on the hills and amongst the trees.

  3. CT2---Why are you offering to guide this character assassin to one of my locations?

    I'm appalled.

    If my memory is serving me correctly you had yourself a real cute case of the vapors the last time I was on the Tandy Hills with you.