Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two Ignorant Complaints

I probably need to increase the quantity of posts I make.  I've heard the more the merrier.  However, I debate back and forth as to whether or not to create a new post for each new random thought or put several random thoughts into one post.  Being that I am a lazy man, I usually opt for the easiest choice.  Of course, sometimes I debate with myself so long that the original inspiration for rambling goes away or I become too lazy to write anything at all.  Today, I had a short lunch, so I just decided to to spew forth meandering opinions.  I mean offer up my two complaints for today.

Complaint number One.  The stupid agreement.  I agree that I'm not stupid and if I am stupid I will not sue you for using your software.  There needs to be a place where I can globally sign up for this once and not have to agree fifteen thousand times a day.  It occurs most often in my car on my navigation system.  I can turn off the car and two seconds later, turn it back on and the same stupid message comes up that I have to agree to before the navigation system will work.  I've never read the agreement.  I assume it says I'm not stupid enough to disobey traffic laws or run off the road while fiddling with the system and driving.

I'm kind of surprised there is not a similar warning you have to agree to before writing a text message or dialing a mobile phone.  Every time you install software, you have to agree to a 20 page document that no one takes the time to read.  Why do we do all of this?  There needs to be a national database where you can go and sign your name in front of witnesses admitting you aren't stupid.  Just to get it over with once and for all.

Complaint number Two.  Obama apparently wants to raise taxes on the wealthy.  I'm not sure who the wealthy are.  Wealthy compared to who?  I'm fairly confident that, when compared to the world population, a large portion of Americans are going to be considered wealthy.  Probably if you make more than $20k per year, you are going to be considered wealthy to someone.

When taken at first glance, you'd be apt to say, "Sure make big companies and their CEO's pay more taxes.  No one needs that much money."  These guys spend money on private jets, mansions, parties, etc.  Look at all the people who are employed because of their "frivolous" spending.  Do we really trust the US Government to do a better job of spending their money?  I personally would trust Bill Gates to spend his money wisely.  I've seen how well the government wastes money.

Why do we think the government will do a better job of spending a wealthy person's money?  Perhaps if the government did a better job of money management they wouldn't be in this bind.

The government should take raising taxes for anyone completely out of the equation and reduce the deficit.  Quit wasting money.  It's not rocket science.  And lower my taxes.  Thanks.


  1. I'm guessing you watched the President's speech as I did or at the least read about it. Do you think the flat tax proposal is a feasible option? I mean really, there's no way that we won't have to pay taxes, as nice as that sounds...there are too many dependent on the government for survival.

  2. Unfortunately, tax write offs stimulate the economy.

    A flat tax doesn't encourage hiring more employees or buying better equipment or donating to disaster relief funds or owning a house.

    If you own a business and your business makes $5 million, what are you taxed on? Out of that $5 million, you probably have to pay some employees, pay for office space, etc.

    You could argue that they are only taxed on profits, but then you get into write offs and loop holes again, you've just called it something else.

    Could definitely simplify though.

    And I got my news from listening to sound bites on a shock jock radio program :)

  3. I don't feel the current system encourages hiring or building either. I don't get a tax write off for owning my own house, but I own one anyway. I also don't have enough deductions to go long form, but I still donate to charity.

    I would think if I made 5 million, then I would be taxed on 5 million. Why not? Tax it once and be done with it. Why do I need to be taxed at payroll, then taxed at the hardware store, at the pump, for the internet...yada yada yada?

    I'm sure you'll find loop holes in this response, I anxiously await your condemnation of my ignorance :-)

  4. I didn't realize you were advocating one and only one across the board flat tax.

    Who determines who gets the money?

    Currently the county and city get property taxes and some of the sales taxes.

    If you live in Texas, Texas gets the majority of the sales taxes.

    All the feds get are income taxes.

  5. The flat tax would be distributed amongst the three...(well, in my utopia version of tax land)local, state & Fed. I'm guessing that state and local can't wait until a full year to receive their monies, so taxes would be paid quarterly or biannually, which should not be a problem due to no tax rules except the standard rate.

    Sales tax, franchise tax & property tax would be eradicated. I know it seems simplistic, so by all means shoot away!

    This is just an out of the air break down: let's say the flat tax is 10% on gross. 7% to the feds, 2% to the state, & 1% to local. States would be responsible for collecting taxes and redistributing, since most states already have a state income tax in place.

    I think the tea party would like this proposal seeing that more power is given back to the states. Also, welfare and social services could be made a state affair...let's say that a waiver to pass on fed money for those items in exchange for another percent or so of tax money. The feds would still get their monies for military, parks...

    We could reallocate more power back to the states, especially the fiscal. The possibilities are endless.

    On a lighter note, just think...Texas could actually buy California under this plan! HA!