Friday, September 2, 2011

My Kids Think I'm Getting Married

I often point out that D'ngo the semi-professional blogger and purveyor of the obvious has reading comprehension problems.  I point it out to him in hopes that he'll be able to improve.  Apparently those who can spew out verbiage ad infinitum have a bit of trouble taking it in.

My previous posting (the one just below this one), had my children quizzing me about my marriage plans.

Now I can't help but wonder if people, and my lovely children, gloss over things to save time.  They read, "Marriage and Surnames" and it immediately translates, in their glossy little heads, to: "Dad's getting married...again."

My last post also forced D'ngo to write me a formal apology for all of his wrong doings so I have no idea what he got out of it.  I'm really rather afraid to ask.

I've re-read it twice.  I'm kind of starting to think I have a hard time expressing myself adequately.  Maybe the transformers reference threw things into a tailspin.

Yesterday my eldest daughter said she was going to get to sing so low in choir this year.  I told her I thought she was a soprano.  She seemed irritated. *shrug*


  1. A lot of the confusion arises because your grammar is so bad.

    For example.

    "Apparently those that can spew out verbiage...."

    Should be...

    "Apparently those who can spew out verbiage..."

    Often these type serious errors render your meaning the opposite of your intention, which when commented on always leads you to fall back on your repetitive "this or that person has a reading comprehension problem" explanation.

    When the troubling reality is you have a communication problem which causes those who read what you write to have a comprehension problem.

    Where are you getting married this time? And will it be a big wedding? And is this yet one more child bride?

  2. In Moscow.

    Astronomical proportions (the wedding and the bride).

    She's even younger. It's going to be a train wreck.

    I'm all atwitter.