Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Buckyball Pills

I remember when my children were younger and they'd get various sinus infections, ear infections, colds, etc.  The most traumatic part of the sicknesses involved the attempted administration of the required medicine. To this day, my eldest spawn will gag at the smell of cherries. Because, as we know, a spoonful of cherry syrup helps the medicine go down.

It's horrifying I tell you. There is just no easy way to get kids to take their required medication. Until now.

It has been discovered that Buckyballs are the delivery method of choice. They need to make some of these containing antibiotics and market it quickly. A three year old girl in Oregon swallowed 37 of these balls. They are highly magnetized. I can't imagine what it did to her insides. The makers of Buckyballs were relieved to find out she'll be alright and I bet she's relieved too (in more ways than one).

No good can come of this. Unless, of course, the makers of Buckyballs (Maxfield and Oberton), quickly start pushing through the idea of using these little balls as a transport for children's medication. It's a little late for me. My kids are grown up now and I'm trying to get them not to take drugs, but it'll be great for new parents and aspiring parents. Keflex via the Buckyball.

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