Friday, March 16, 2012

Super Glue for The End of the World

No one has complained about my blogging for a week now. It's a sure sign that the end of the world is drawing near. I'm all stressed out about it and stuff.

In more important news, I've had the same bottle of super glue for several years and I used it again today to super glue my running shoes back together.

Out of those two paragraphs are you wondering about the end of the world or about my bottle of super glue?

If you are like me you are wondering about the super glue. The active ingredient of super glue, Cyanoacrylate, was invented in 1942.

The problem with super glue is that it's "super" glue. How do you put "super" glue in a bottle without it sticking to the bottle and, more specifically, the exit to the bottle.

In the past, I'd always buy the cheap stuff. I'd go home, see something was coming apart, and run to the nearest store to buy super glue. I'd buy the cheapest tube I could find. It would look something like this:

It was guaranteed to cost less than $1 and work exactly once. Sometimes I'd save up several things that needed super glue (if the need wasn't dire) and that way I could super glue them all at once after buying my 99 cent tube of glue to get the most out of my single use tube.

It worked only once because no matter how careful I was, one of two things would happen: the cap would become permanently attached to the bottle thus preventing any further use of the glue (although I have been know to stick a pin in the tail end before), or the plastic application end would get so crusted there would be no chance of anything resembling liquid coming out. You can still sometimes prick the tail end and get one more use out of it, but without the nice plastic applicator.

Several years ago I was again in the market for super glue and I got a wild hair and splurged. I spent $2.50 on an interesting bottle of super glue. It looks like this:

As long as you set it upright and put the lid back on when you're done, I am fairly certain it'll last until it's completely empty of Cyanoacrylate.

You take the lid off, turn it upside down and gently apply pressure to the little green ribs until a drop of glue magically appears at the tip to be meticulously placed wherever needed. I've had my little green ribbed bottle of super glue for probably five years and it still works like the day I bought it. It's a super container of super glue.

They don't advertise for it because then we'd all quit throwing our money away on the 99 cent tubes that only last once.


  1. Why are you obsessing over super glue? And why have you ceased reading my blog? I mentioned you several days ago, regarding your alleged special condition, which you've obviously not read, due to the seeming fact that you would have felt compelled to address the particular dysfunction issue in some manner.

  2. I've been perusing your blog. I was in Canyon for 4 days and they don't have Internet.
    Okay, they have Internet, but I didn't do much Internet type activities so I may have missed 4 days worth of blogging (which in your case is like 321 stories).
    I did get the solar storm tip from your blog though (in explanation of my blahness).