Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blah Days

Have you ever had one of those days? I've got such a whacked out neurotic mindset that I always think it's funny asking the general public, "if they've ever had one of those days?", but I do it anyway.

I feel blah. It started last night at about 9 PM and I thought it would go away with a good 8 hours of sleep, but it hasn't. All day now I've been going through various issues in my demented cranium to try and determine the reason for my abhorrent blahness. I'll share with you, my two readers (one of whom is my split personality), and see if any light can come out of this. Sometimes just typing it out helps.

I've also been learning to not double space. Can you tell a difference? I can't.

I am driving to Canyon on Saturday to see my dad. This should not be a bad thing. I always enjoy spending time with my dad. But it is almost one year since my mom passed away and I can't help but think I haven't quite prepared myself. She was born on Saint Patrick's day. The kids and I have been going to Canyon to visit for her birthday and Spring Break for as long as I can recollect.

I told someone yesterday that I never blog about things that are too personal because there are assholes around every corner and I don't like feeding them. I'm assuming that a blog must be slightly more than readerless to attract the assholes. I may prove myself wrong today. They'll still have to enter the captcha.

The warranty on my insulin pump expired last July. I've been tempting fate running around with no warranty. With a warranty, they'll overnight me a new pump if something happens to mine. Without a warranty, I'll be back on daily injections until I can procure a new one through Insurance.

Insurance will only let me buy a new pump about every 4 years so insulin pump manufacturers have conveniently applied a 4 year warranty to all their pumps. There are even some manufacturers who put a time bomb in their pumps that make them quit working after 4 years. The pump I want to buy has not been approved by FDA. A similar one has no release date although they've hinted at 2012. Do I wait or do I go ahead and get another one just like the one I've got and see what's available 4 years down the road?

My favorite option for my blahness is that I'm stuck in a rut. Most people like stability and, believe me, I like stability too, but not as much as everyone else. Last year was the first time in over 10 years that I didn't spend at least 2 weeks in Europe because of an emergency computer problem that needed my attention. I haven't seen a pay raise in over 3 years. I'm still working the same job. I still live in the same house. I need to do something different. Do I get a new job? Do I just take two weeks off and take a spontaneous trip to Prague? Do I go back to school? I need to shake things up, but without putting a big old hole in the proverbial boat.

Another option is my bowling experience. I started bowling last year and I improved up to a point. Last Sunday I matched the best game of my career (only a 170), but then yesterday during the "official" league game I was lucky to break 120. It was very disappointing. My right hand is starting to cause me pain from my Duypetrin's and it sometimes adversely affects my bowling, but not as much as my right leg which I've been going to Physical Therapy for. So maybe I'm just depressed because I feel old?

I'm trying to think of something funny to write to end this on, but it's not coming to me. Apparently typing it all out didn't help. It's possible I'll be going to Idaho next month. I've never been to Idaho. I'll have to be better by then so I can ask all the pretty ladies where they're from. It'll make me giggle on the inside.

*update: You can ignore this whole thing. It was all caused by solar storms messing with my astrological profile. Quit trying to analyze me.


  1. Idaho to cure the blahs? I've been to Idaho many times and can't imagine how it would cure the blahs. Maybe getting lost in Idaho's Craters of the Moon would alleviate be a blah antidote.

    You belong to a bowling league? What has happened to you? Very troubling.

  2. Trip to Idaho was cancelled. It is very troubling. The league. I'm about ready to quit. It was just something that had to be tried.