Friday, April 13, 2012

Hail, Relgion, Pregnancies, Last Update

Tomorrow, I go on another cruise. Since I got certified to go scuba diving last year I've discovered it's quite entertaining to go on cruises and make a scuba excursion part of the trip. It also means this is my last update for a while. I don't go anywhere near the Internet or a computer while I'm on my ship. The Titanic sunk on April 15, 1912. I'll be somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico on April 15, 2012. I plan to make a toast to the people who continued cruising even after that catastrophe. Luckily, there are no icebergs in the Caribbean.

If you haven't checked it out yet, do a Google search for Amarillo Hail Storms. They had like four feet of hail drifts in the Texas Panhandle and had to bring out the snow plows to clear the roads. That's just insane. If I were religious this cruise would be an epic experience because I would know that the end of the world was obviously imminent.

Speaking of religion, I had an interesting piece of trivia just cross my desk. I'll withhold opinions and let you, my favorite reader, use your over active imagination to hear the giggling in my neurotic head. The most religious state of the union: Mississippi. The least religious: New Hampshire. The state with the most teen pregnancies: Mississippi. The state with the least teen pregnancies: New Hampshire. I guess that proves it. Religion causes fertility.


  1. How was it determined what state was the most or least religious, I can't help but wonder?

    And, have you discussed with any of your therapists, yet, if this excessive cruise shipping is one of your Alzheimer's, I mean, Asperger's Syndrome symptoms?

    I've only been on one cruise. It was my my idea of a living hell. You'd have to have a gun to my head to get my to go on a cruise again. And yet you get onboard every two months.

    Very perplexing.

    How do you know, for certain, there are no icebergs in the Caribbean?

  2. It's odd I didn't get notified of this comment. I wonder if something is up with Google.

    I wondered about the religion thing as well. There are so many ways to measure religiousness. If I weren't so lazy I'd research it.

    I quit going to my therapist.

    I can see how a cruise could go bad real quick. Every time I go on one I always run across several people saying that they'll never do that again.

    My next blogging may be about this last cruise which was both fun and most definitely not fun all at the same time.

    I think the water in the Caribbean never gets below 75 degrees.

  3. There's an awesome travelogue by David Foster Wallace on cruise ships. The version in Harpers is here:

    In the version published in his short story collection, it's titled, "A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again."

  4. Ed! I do believe you've sent that to me before. After about the 2nd paragraph I realized I had read it before. It must have come from you.

    I don't know how much research I want to do to prove it.

  5. I'm fairly sure I did, Gar, but I was mostly posting it for Durango's amusement, as I think he may appreciate the perspective of DFW (RIP)....