Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Pump Update

I kid you not. I have been getting requests from around the world to update my pump saga. It's interesting. I've got an insulin pump, a pump for my spa and I've also got a sump pump. They've all been giving me trouble. Today I bought a new vertical switch for my sump pump. It keeps water off my back porch during rainstorms. It's supposed to rain tonight.You can get more info on Durango's Weather Blog.

I was kidding about the requests from around the world. Actually no one has been sending in requests except for my own neurotic head which seems to be sending in requests for the most absurd of situations lately. He even wants me to tell you about his installation of Windows Vista on a Crapintosh. I have no idea why.

But, I did promise, during my Hot Tub Saga story, to give you an update. It's not as pleasant as I had hoped. The new pump arrived and was easily installed. Upon turning on the hot tub controller, bad things started happening (before I even was able to test the new pump).

The other pump (the one I didn't install) started making a growling noise. The control box (which looks a little like the one pictured) made a gasping sound and quit (no power). I was able to reset it and it made another gasping sound and quit. Now, it appears to be dead. I'm going to take it apart tonight. The pump that made the growling noise was completely locked up. I took it off and inspected it and ended up putting it in the dumpster for a proper burial.

These little controller boxes are not cheap. I'd say if I shop around I might be able to get a new pump and controller for $600 (some of them come as a set). More than likely I'll have to spend around $700 and buy a controller box ($450) and then get another pump ($250) separately.

Controller boxes come in two basic varieties. You have the Air Switch model. They are older, cheaper and are less susceptible to the elements. But, you don't get as many options on the control pad (the little pad that is reachable by people in the tub). From what I've read, it's worth the extra cost to get a Digital Control Box.

I am assuming that a Digital Control Box will allow me to setup circulation times or circulation based on temperature right on the control pad. My current box had the settings but I had to get underneath the tub and set them on the box itself. Information like this is hard to obtain for some reason.

But, alas, I have extinguished my budget for hot tub repair this month. Maybe I'll try again next month. I'll also try and keep you updated.

I've just been alerted that there is a tornado nearby so I must end this early. Durango didn't keep me informed with real time information as I had assumed. I guess my new sump pump switch will have to wait for the next rainy day.

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