Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekly Update (2 of n) -- The Quickie

What's the correct spelling of quickie?

I'm a day late and a dollar short on this update. I was kind of trying to think of something to write about which would get more Googlers coming to my blog. I gave up.

Last week I went to Canyon to see my father. He's doing well. But man, that's a long boring road trip. We took my daughter's car. She gets almost 40 miles per gallon in her little Toyota Corolla. I was quite impressed. It's nice driving all the way from here to Canyon and only putting 10 gallons of gas in the tank.

I did absolutely nothing on the fourth of July. Sad, I know. I was helping a guy in England with some problems at work. He sent several emails to my work email address. I have an application on my Android called K-9 which allows me to get all kinds of email (including work email) downloaded to my phone. It's quite handy. This is how I knew he was sending lots of emails on July 4th.

I finally felt sorry for him and sent him an email letting him know that he caught us on holiday, but would make sure someone looked into it on Thursday, July 5th.

He replied back with, "Oh yeah you guys have a holiday today. I forget; what is it you are celebrating?" It was funny. It made my Independence Day memorable. Damn British.

As a reward of sorts, I was told today that I'll spend two weeks touring England in August. I've never really spent any time in England. I might have had a 12 hour layover or something, but nothing long enough to see the country side. This trip, I will be going to 2 different sites in England to help with installs. I think it'll be fun as long as the bozo's from corporate don't think they have to put in 16 hour days. I wonder if they have beer vending machines like they did in Germany. Since my 5% pay cut and no raises for the last 3 years I'm down to 7 hour days at best.


  1. No beer vending machines, but pubs everywhere and a generally very high level of alcoholism in the population. I think you'll have ample opportunity to get yer drink on. Just get ready warm, flat ale. It's SO much better than those tasteless German lagers!

    But...wait. I thought you were having surgery right around August. WTF?

  2. Thanks Ed. I'm hoping to check out a plethora of English pubs. The vending machines in Germany were nice when the guys with the car decided to work 16 hours day. I'd go into the cafeteria, buy beer at the vending machine, and read.

    They wanted me to go for 3 weeks, but my surgery is the 24th so I'll only stay 2 weeks.