Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weekly Update (3 of n)

Tomorrow I fly to Idaho. Well, I don't technically fly. I'll be riding in a jet which will be flying.

Therefore, this is my last chance to get my weekly update out of the way. I'm watching True Blood, packing, playing Secret World, and blogging. It's a crazy world.

My daughter helped me create a picture for my new blog design. I'll be rolling it out next week some time. I still can't decide what I will call it. I was going to go with the short, but sweet, "Gar's World".  Then Durango said something about "The Travails of a Texas Boy With Asperger's" and that had a ring to it as well, but slightly difficult to remember.

I could do something like, "Gar's Asperger's World", but I'm kind of afraid of offending anyone who might be actively suffering from the affliction. I"m pretty sure I've outgrown mine. Or at least figured out exactly how much alcohol it takes to make it manageable.

This week has been mostly uneventful. It's been very busy at work. I used to blog on my lunch break. I think I made my boss angry using company resources to do blogging so now I have to interrupt my game playing and TV watching time to write my blog from home. Anyway, he keeps me so busy now that I don't even have time to eat.

Sunday morning at a random barbecue joint I flirted with the waitress until she agreed to bring me a beer at 11:45 AM.  15 minutes before you're allowed to buy beer in Texas for some ungodly reason. I felt like such a rebel.

I'm out of time. Maybe when I get my blog layout changed with my new design I'll feel more inspired to write about how stupid texting and driving is, how stupid 4-way stops are, and/or how stupid people at 4-way stops are. I will continue to voice plenty of ignorant opinions because ignorance is bliss and opinions are like assholes. Have fun!

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  1. How about, “The world of a middle age white guy in the midst of a mid-life crisis”.
    No one will be able to forgot a title like that!