Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Don't Forget to Vote (for my last political post)

If you are legally able to vote and you don't vote then something is very very wrong with you. Lots of good people risked their lives and died to give you the opportunity to vote.

My prediction: 316 to 222, Obama wins. And the Libertarians get their 5% so that in 2016 we have more choices. I have 100 different varieties of toilet paper to choose from, but only 2 for President... Strange.

I'm also amused at the archaic way we do voting. I need to do some research on federal regulations concerning voting. Or are there any? It seems that each state is completely different than the next.

I know I have friends in Washington who always vote by mail. In Texas, to vote by mail you have to be absent. As in, there must be factors forcing you to vote by mail. It's not a choice.

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, New Jersey, I believe, has allowed voters to vote via email. I'm not real sure how this fixes anything because it implies electricity at the houses, but not at the voting locations?

There's a huge outcry over the possibility of voter fraud, but since everyone and their dog knows that New Jersey is going to go to Obama, I'm not sure it matters too much. Why are people so uptight about Internet voting? Or do they think the hackers are able to predict the weather better than the voting places and were able to write preemptive software to hack the votes?

While we are asking questions, why do we still use the Electoral College? I can kind of see the need for it back in the days before the Information Age, but now, it's just an antiquated ritual that seems to lessen the impact of an individual's vote. Well, unless you happen to live in a battleground state (like Florida).

Also, I'd like to get some kind of feedback that my vote was counted correctly. When I deposit money in my checking account, I can easily login to the bank and verify that my bank agrees with my deposit. I have no such luxury with my vote. Once my vote is cast, it goes into some deep dark abyss never to be seen again. I would like to be able to login and see that my vote was counted correctly.

My top 4 list for ways the Federal Government can improve:
  1. Give each registered voter a unique login to vote on issues and candidate including a way to login and see their voting history via the Internet.
  2. All new bills must be hand written, with a quill and ink jar, by the Senator or Representative presenting the bill.
  3. All new bills must be voted on by the voters of the USA and require greater than 50% to pass. If you didn't vote in the last election, you can't vote on the bills.
  4. Presidential terms shall be 6 years with a two term limit and after the first year a probationary vote shall be performed to give the voters of the USA a chance to remove him from office because he looked better on paper.


  1. Way too many erroneous notions, I dunno where to start.

    If a person chooses not to exercise their right to vote, that is yet one more of those freedoms lives were risked to attain. I wouldn't want someone voting who does not wanna be voting.

    You looked at your ballot and saw only two choices for president?

    You think you're a Libertarian, but you want federal voting regulations?

    I have not read of any place having email voting.

    There is an outcry about fraud every election. Check out the election of 1960. Or 1876.

    What data have you attained that indicates people are uptight about Internet voting?

    You could understand the need for the Electoral College back before the Information Age? Methinks this indicates you don't have any understanding of the Electoral College. You think the Electoral College was made part of the Constitution due to it taking too long to communicate election results back in the old days?

    When you vote you are given a receipt with your ballot info. I am looking at mine right now, Ballot Code 50335744. Logging in to my voting account I see my vote for president was switched to Romney.

    Well, you can't expect the system to be perfect.

    Your top 4 list of FG improvements, well, #3 is the worst doozy of nonsense, as if you don't have the slightest understanding of the concept of representative government. Although, all people voting on all things would make the system an actual democracy.

  2. Durango! Reading comprehension 101! I don't know where to start.

    Your thing about not voting is legitimate. It doesn't mean I like it.

    I saw 4, but of the 4, only 2 of them were presented in the Presidential debates.

    I can't find where I said anything about wanting federal voting regulations. I checked twice. I should also point out however that Libertarians aren't against regulations.

    Email voting. It was New Jersey, not New York. I'll have to fix that. Email Voting

    In the article: "Guadagno's failure to mention the hard-copy backup in the directive allowing displaced voters to use electronic voting set off a wave of criticism among voting security advocates who oppose online voting."

    You'd think, back in the old days, a handful of voters would represent each state in casting their electoral votes at a centralized locations. It would be like a voting party! Today, they just put it on TV.

    I got no receipt.

    Representative government was a great idea before the Information Age.

  3. Garbo, whenever you get caught in a web of your confusing confounding ramblings you seem to always fall back on asserting the person you have confounded is having a reading comprehension problem.

    It's very vexing.

    And really sort of small minded of you. I would expect something more elevated from someone as high minded as yourself.

    You wrote that you needed to do some research regarding federal election regulations, which seemed to indicate you felt that such regulations should exist. Along with ignorance of the fact that they don't, not in any standardized way.

    You have once again made clear you really have not the slightest clue regarding the why of the Electoral College. This reminds me of the time I asked Miss Puerto Rico why it was she grew up speaking Spanish in an American territory, with Miss PR having no idea this was the result of the Spanish American War.

    It is time for me to go watch the election results.

    But, before I go.

    I forgot to mention. The reason you only saw two parties debate this year was because only two candidates polled high enough for the League of Women Voters to invite them. Ross Perot got invited into several 3 way debates in 1992 because he polled high enough. John Anderson got invited in 1980 because he polled high. I get the idea you don't understand how other parties can rise up in America. It has happened as recently as 1992. Check out the election of 1914, I think that is the year. You will then learn that the repulsive Republicans got badly bitch slapped, coming in third, with the Dems winning and the Bull Moose Party coming in 2nd.

  4. All new bills must be hand written, with a quill and ink jar, by the Senator or Representative presenting the bill?

    Best idea ever!

  5. Thanks! I have turned it into an official petition :)