Thursday, November 1, 2012

Cruise to Belize

As many of you are aware, I take too many cruises. The last one was forced upon me by my age and medical conditions. After my hip surgery, it was the only vacation I could think of where I'd fit right in with my walker.

Our first stop was Cozumel where I flirted with my favorite shot girl. She took pity on me. I have a stack of tequila shooters at home.
The other girl may or may not be my gal pal. I must protect the innocent. You can decide which one is which.

Our second stop was Belize. The ship stops way outside of Belize and you have to take boats to the dock. It's about a 30 minute boat ride. The dock it takes you to is actually fenced off complete with razor wire in places. They don't try very hard to make it look like a hospitable place.

I made the best of it.

The Belikin beer is awesome. I was particularly fond of the Belikin stout. But, after having a few beers, I was encouraged to caffeinate myself with a Diet Coke (or Cola Light). This is where the fun began. We went to a beach front bar where the bartender proceeded to top my 16 oz coke bottle off with Belikin Rum. I don't remember anything after that, but apparently, I made a friend on the boat ride back to the ship.

In case you were curious, I was telling him how I'm going to run for President of the USA in 2016 after Gary Johnson gets 5% of the vote, thus opening the brains of Americans to handle more than 2 equally crappy choices. He was inspired.

It's also possible I was telling him about the little ink blot who was sad because his mom was stuck in the pen and he didn't know how long the sentence was going to be.

I'm not really sure.

The last stop was Mahogany Bay, Roatan, Honduras. It was a very pretty place. I may have enjoyed it more if I hadn't been recovering from Belize. It was the only stop where a beach was readily available after debarking the ship. I wish I had known ahead of time, I would have worn my bathing suit and taken my snorkel. We weren't there for long. I got a cool picture out of it though. At least I thought it was cool...
Our last stop was actually supposed to be Cayman Islands, but Mother Nature stepped in as a hurricane named Sandy and cancelled that part of our trip. She was actually gone from the area the day before we arrived, but the swells were still too large for safe tendering.


  1. Your countless Caribbean cruises, with alcohol induced memory loss, strike me as being a really sad thing. Like you've never learned how to take yourself on a really fun trip. And thus are resigned to getting in line with the other elderly and their walkers. And I think the gal on the right is your gal pal. She's the cuter of the two. And you always go for the cuter of the two. Unless the two go for you. I am making a menage a trois type reference here. I feel explaining such is now necessary what with you being walker mobiled.

  2. A menage a trois? Please Durango, don't give our perverted friend any strange ideas. Next thing we know, we're be seeing a photo of the 3 of them in bed naked! Remember, this is a blog that is too sexually explicit for Google!

  3. Oh Durango. "Sad" to you is enjoyed immensely by so many of the enlightened. Thanks for explaining the threesome reference. You've reminded me of a blog I want to write concerning my favorite online comic. Now that I'm sexually explicit and all.

    Ghost, I've got nothing. I'm not sure I've ever been referenced as the "perverted friend" before. It gives me chills. I'm not sure whether they are good chills or bad chills.

    If I only had pictures. But alas, my hands were busy with other things.