Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wasting Time With Sandy

I have this habit of trying to find unique ways of looking at things. This week's foray found me following Sandy via the Wunderground.

If you look at the Wundermaps on Wunderground, it has a neat little configurable display. One of the options is to look at webcams. It puts a little webcam snippet close to the location where the camera is located.

There are lots of webcams so you have to zoom in pretty close to find exactly what you are looking for and even then it's a bit of a crap shoot.

Yesterday I found a webcam in Ocean City, New Jersey (on the beach) and I set it to update on my desktop. It was updating pretty regularly (about every 6 minutes) until 17 hours ago (about 6 PM EST) or when Sandy rolled onto shore.

I took some snapshots from the webcam for your pleasure. The first picture is from Friday when Sandy was just a sinister prophecy. The second picture is the final picture the webcam displayed 17 hours ago before some kind of horrific event took the webcam or perhaps its Internet connection out of commission.

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  1. Followed CNN on their coverage of the storm here and it looked bad. Still I have to say the overall response to the storm seems good, much better than Katrina.