Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Momentous Informational Blogging!

I really should quit using exclamation marks in my blog titles. It feels a bit like lying. There is no politics in this blog.

Today, I decided instead of writing one great blog per week, I'd write one sad little daily snippet just to summarize my daily brain meanderings.

I also decided that I'd change my mind bright and early tomorrow morning.

Over the weekend I discovered I don't like blogging about personal things. I've tried to write things that are personal and it feels too personal so I refrain. Then, if feels fake. Therefore I've decided to blog about things I know almost nothing about in an attempt to give people an outlet for their nasty comments.


My first attempt will be football. In particular, Tony Romo.

To me, Tony Romo is like Steve Perry. I like Journey. They write good music, but I never bought any of their albums because I can't stand Steve Perry. I think he's whiny. I like the Dallas Cowboys. They have hot cheerleaders, but I'll never go to another game as long as Tony Romo is quarterback. I think he's whiny.

I've heard from educated sources, that it's not Tony's fault. It's the offensive line. I assume this is the same offensive line that allowed their running back to run for over 200 yards on Sunday?

I've also heard it's the receiver's fault. They are running the wrong patterns or some such nonsense. I guess that's why I never was a quarterback. I didn't realize that when your receivers run the wrong patterns, you're supposed to throw the ball to the other team!

I've also heard it's Jason Garrett's fault. He's the head coach (for you NFL ignorant). I have a theory that if Jerry Jones weren't the owner and general manager, Jason Garrett would have fired Tony in 2010 after his winning record with the backup quarterback.

Have you watched A Bug's Life? I'm going to compare football to a cartoon movie about bugs. Ah hell, just watch the video. Princess Atta is Tony Romo. And, "it's always his fault".

Jumping Out of Planes

I've been tempted to skydive lately because of my gal pal and my gal pal's pal. Over the weekend, some Austrian fellow named Felix jumped from a capsule 23 miles high. I watched the video several times and now I've decided jumping out of a plane isn't good enough. I'm going to start training now and when I'm so old the doctor's are amazed I'm still alive I should be in good enough shape to kill myself (I mean jump out of a capsule 23 miles high).

Samsung Galaxy Phones

As my avid array of readers know, I am no fan of Apple. Yeah, they've done their part in advancing technology, but I don't like the way they do business. I've never, in my life, purchased an Apple product. 

Therefore, I love the new Samsung Galaxy S III commercials. These commercials are even more humorous when you consider Apple sued Samsung for some kind of crazy patent infringement. I swear one of these days (perhaps after I jump out of my capsule) I'm going to get a law degree so I can argue these cases. This is like Dodge suing Jaguar because they use an animal as their hood ornament.

My gal pal has one of the outlawed S II's. I don't like it. I prefer my Motorola, but I'm thinking of getting a Samsung just to piss Apple off. One of the reasons I don't like it is because it has no external LED for notifications. My Atrix 2 blinks purple for email and green for texts. I discovered a cool app called NoLED today which is supposed to make up for this shortcoming. Basically allowing you to get some notifications without having to turn the phone on. I wonder who has the patent on that.

I go back to Benjamin Franklin who invented the Franklin Stove without worrying with patents. He said, "That, as we enjoy great advantages from the inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously. "

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