Monday, October 8, 2012

I Side With

I discovered an interesting little website today called I Side With. There were a few questions that really didn't have a correct answer. I discovered when I clicked the "choose another stance" button that it would give me something a little closer to my thoughts.

It confirmed, for me, what I've been blogging all along (if you've followed my 2 or 3 political rants).

It's interesting that I'm equally Democrat and Libertarian, but I side with Gary Johnson much more than I do Barack Obama.

Here are my scores:


  1. Cute!
    So I took the little quiz and it set me up as:
    93% Jill Stein (Green) based on a bunch of stuff, but particularly healthcare & environment issues.
    86% Obama (Dem) also on a lot of issues, but particularly science and social policy issues.
    74% Rocky Anderson (whoever the hell he is)
    62% Gary Johnson based only on immigration issues.
    8% Mitt. Apparently he's just full of shit as far as I'm concerned.

    Interesting site!

  2. I waited a day, took the test again and tried to spend a little more time really thinking about the answers.

    My results were basically the same except the percentages changed slightly (slightly lower Gary and slightly higher Obama).

    The funny thing was I went to 87% Democrat and 80% Libertarian. I'm slowly outgrowing the Libertarian ideas.