Thursday, October 18, 2012

Three in a Row!

And that's all I've got. I promise you I will not blog tomorrow.

Maybe not. I May be inclined to write something tomorrow.

However, on Saturday, I'm flying to Miami then taking a big boat to Cozumel, Belize, Honduras and Cayman. I will not be blogging next week.

Thus, the three in a row. I'm trying to make everyone tired of too much of a good thing.

Today's meandering thoughts have been about my insulin pump and my hip surgery.

It's been 6 weeks and 6 days since my hip surgery. My hip is officially a little better than before the surgery. I have my 7 week follow up tomorrow with the doctor. He told me not to bowl for 10 weeks. I started bowling about 3 weeks ago. Doctors should really learn to tell me why. Don't just say "don't bowl for 10 weeks". Say, "Don't bowl for 10 weeks because if something breaks I don't want to get sued and see my malpractice insurance rates skyrocket."

I ordered a new insulin pump last August. I think I may have blogged about it. Okay, upon reading, I didn't really blog about ordering it, but I did. They've been negotiating with my insurance company ever since.

With my hip surgery and various other mind altering ailments I have become quite the expert at insurance. This year I have met my "maximum out of pocket" expenses. This means that any medical expenses I incur from here on out will be covered at 100%. I have from now until December 31 to get my new insulin pump. I'm thinking I'll also get a continuous blood glucose monitoring system. Those puppies usually run around $800.

I discovered today that because of that horrific thing we call Obamacare, I'll be able to keep my oldest daughter on my insurance plan until she turns 26 (even if she gets married before then). That's kind of awesome. I worry about my kids.

I found out on Monday I'm going to have a granddaughter in March. I wonder if my insurance will cover grand-kids  I'm sure I'll worry about them too.

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