Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pneumatic Mind Snippet

You thought I was joking.

Today, my pneumatic office chair is at the forefront of my meandering thoughts.

The little pneumatic lift has quit working.

For normal folks, this would be instant catastrophe because the chair immediately goes to its lowest position. There is no control.

I put my chair in its lowest position anyway. It helps my circulation by keeping my knees off the seat. How people shorter than me survive, I have no idea.

Anyway, for me, the lift isn't all that important. Except, I've noticed, I miss the bounce. Even with the chair at it's lowest setting you normally get a little pneumatic bounce when you sit down. I miss that little bounce.

It's like a shock absorber for that weary plop into the chair that prepares you for the work day ahead. Now, I have no shock absorber. My weary plop is followed by an immediate tensing from my spine compressing and decompressing. I've had to learn to sit down softly. Once I'm seated, all is good.

Should I complain to my boss that I need a new chair?

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