Friday, September 19, 2008

Bob Barr and those Wacky Libertarians

Libertarians, the party that nominated Bob Barr as their presidential candidate, are trying to keep McCain and Obama off the ballot in Texas.

I don't care how stupid you think the Libertarians are or how frivolous or stupid you think this lawsuit is, you have to look at it objectively. I'm going to help.

Imagine that you make $100k per year. You have to pay annual membership dues to a club so you can remain a member. Let's say that every year, on January 15th, you have to fork over $5k to continue your membership. If you don't pay, then your membership is canceled and you have to wait until the next January to re-apply.

Now, most people that are members of this club make well over 7 figures annually. Let's say $10 million just to keep it simple. They have no trouble paying the $5k dues. It's pocket change to them, but you have to work really hard to make your $5k. But, membership has it's privileges, so you always work really hard and you always have your payment there on time.

One year the people with all the money and the majority of memberships decide to raise the cost to $7k and make it where you have to fill out some forms indicating why you deserve to be a member. They've now made it harder to get into their club. It still has to be done by January 15th or you are banished.

So, January 12th rolls around and you are fighting to get all of your forms filled out because you still work for a living. You have to convince your spouse why you need the extra $2k this year to be a member of this club. So, after blood, sweat and tears, you finally come up with the $7k and get all the forms properly filed.

January 16th rolls around and you find out that all the club members with the big money who make the rules have not filed their forms on time, but there is no indication that their membership will be revoked. You find out because they are so popular and have so much money that they don't have to follow the rules that they created.

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