Friday, September 19, 2008

Vista and nForce

There is a chipset by nVidia called nForce. If you this post and this post, you'll get a preface.

nForce 1 & 2 don't like Vista or perhaps Vista doesn't like them. I switched hard drives in two computers. One hard drive had Vista, the other had XP. The XP hard drive came from a box running on an nForce 2 chipset. The Vista hard drive came from a box running nForce 7.

The XP hard drive is now back up and running fine on the nForce 7 box. The Vista machine is now dead. I don't know that I can recover it. I may have to install another copy of XP on the nForce 2 machine as it seems there are no Vista drivers for the nForce 2 chipset.

This weekend, I will experiment with downloading individual drivers from each mainboard component and see if I can overcome this flaw. I've already found sound drivers, network drivers and SATA drivers. The memory controllers may be a bit of a challenge. Regardless, I'll have to install the OS from scratch.

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