Friday, September 12, 2008

Saudi Arabian Oil Terrorism Mistake

A hypothetical story. I really need to quit using the word hypothetical. I'll never make it into mainstream media. So, suppose this story is true.

Saudi Arabia has decided that they don't like the USA. They see our huge dependence on foreign oil so they manage to artificially escalate the oil prices.

Then things went wrong. Americans, previously wallowing in their own economic filth, started to cut back. They started riding their bikes. They started walking. They started to drive less. There were American think tanks coming up with alternatives to foreign oil. It was just the wake up call the American people needed to stop the slow fall into an economic catastrophe.

So, the mean oil tycoons from Saudi Arabia did the only thing they could. They lowered oil prices back down to where they should be. Patience is a virtue after all.


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