Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vista, Houston, Ike, XP, Obama and Stupid People

I can't really think of anything to blog about that would be even mildly entertaining. I've got too much unpleasantness going through my head to pick just one and type it up. Therefore, I present to you, my cornucopia of madness. Enjoy.

Presidential Election
The Presidential election is making me sick. My mom sent me an email claiming Obama is the anti-Christ by quoting some obscure passage in Revelations. If he is the anti-Christ, not voting for him is not going to help.
Palin is fun to look at, but she's irritating.
The media has given us two choices for President and it's akin to going into a pub and being offered Coors Light or Bud Light. I would have to find another pub.

For those of you with no TV, this is the name of the recent hurricane that hit the Texas coast near Houston. Stupid people, of course, stayed behind to have their little hurricane parties and "ride out" the storm. Now, they are whining about the long lines, the price of gas, and the quality of their free handouts. Uhhh, hello? Grow up, get a life, and quit relying on the government to take care of your sorry ass. The government relies on me and the other smart Americans to pay taxes and we are tired of paying for stupid people. For those smart people out there that are working the system: may a nasty virus infect the most delicate part of your internal workings and cause pain and rashes in your most uncomfortable places. That also goes for the media that is glorifying the whininess of the stupidity.

Vista and XP
I have 3 computers at my house. One is running XP and 2 are running Vista 32. Because I like playing with computers, I want to turn the one running XP into a Vista 32 box. I want to turn the one running Vista 32 into an XP box. I want to turn the other one running Vista 32 into a Vista 64 box. This sounds mildly confusing and more than likely a big waste of time, but trust me, I have my reasons. And, if I was living in Galveston, I'd be vacationing in Las Vegas.

I'm thinking I can move the XP hard drive to the Vista machine and the Vista hard drive to the XP machine and do some fancy device manager magic to make it relatively painless. That is the plan. I have doubts.

Since I have 2 copies of Vista Ultimate, I should be able to make either of my 32 bit versions a 64 bit version (legally). The practicality of it is daunting. I'd like to think I can insert the install DVD and tell it to upgrade to 64 bit and it'll replace some files, do some magic and everyone will be happy. I really doubt this, but I'm going to try it because I can.


  1. The first element of concern is the need for 3 computers. The second element of concern is the need to juggle the operating systems on the 3 computers. I'm sure there is a 3rd and 4th element of concern, but I'm not concerned about them right now. I'm thinking we need to find you a new hobby that gets you away from spending so much quality time with your computer.

  2. It's not really a "need" and there are more than 3. I was simplifying for the sake of brevity.
    I do need a new hobby.
    I'm thinking of getting into politics.

  3. Since your mom sent you the note about Obama as the Antichrist (maybe Auntie Christ? Mostly harmless, but an overinflated ego), I thought I'd feed your libertarian rage a little bit for the other side:

    Think of it as a gift from the NW for your blood pressure....

  4. Thought about responding to this here, but I am starting to think it deserves another entry.

    Stay tuned for 'nuther entries.