Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cabo Conclusion

My laziness really knows no bounds.

Monday, day 5 was to be mostly about packing and heading to the airport and flying home.  We got up early and at about 9 AM, both of our phones rang, one right after the other.  They were both unknown numbers and since it costs $1/minute roaming charges to talk internationally neither of us answered.  But, I did question the oddity of one phone ringing immediately after the other.

We had breakfast, lunch and then went to the lobby to wait for our ride to the airport.  We were to meet our ride at 1 PM.  The ride to the airport was long and somber.  It wasn't nearly as much fun as the ride from the airport.

When we finally arrived at the airport there was foreboding commotion.  People were whining about cancelled flights and, "You might as well go back to the hotel."  kinds of things.  Sure enough, American Airlines had cancelled all flights to Dallas because of severe weather.  Apparently a line of thunderstorms were heading east and were scheduled to imminently cross the DFW zone.

I got in line and flirted with the nice ticket counter lady and she recommended a hotel that was offering "deals" to the American Airlines passengers who were stranded in Cabo.  For $90/person, you could stay at the all inclusive resort called Barceló.  She also informed me that I had already been re-booked on tomorrow's flight.  Upon checking my voice mail messages, my 9 AM call was American Airlines letting me know that they had cancelled my flight and booked me on the same flight tomorrow.  No need to go to the airport.  I would have rescued an entire day had I just answered my phone.  It will go down in history as the worst $5 I ever saved.

The Barceló was quite a bit different from the Riu Santa Fe.  People were more mature and sedate.  I sat with a group of guys who were talking about their fishing expeditions rather than their drunken escapades on Squid Roe.  I didn't much like it.  The people were snootier and the wait staff was not nearly as good.  It was kind of odd.

On the 6th day, we decided to have lunch Barceló's steak grill which sat on the beach.  This little restaurant had me changing my mind about the Barceló experience.  They had good beer on tap.  The food was good and it was tranquil; eating steak, sipping on a beer and listening to the surf crash onto the beach.  I could have stayed there all day.  As it was, I had to leave at 1 to go catch a flight.

I'm sure I'm leaving out some sordid details of my trip.  Feel free to ask questions.

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