Thursday, May 12, 2011

Social Stupidity Take Two

Not too very long ago I spurted forth a work of art entitled "Social Stupidity" relating to my inability to socialize. I received several emails and some comments about this and I thought I'd share some of it because, well because, that's what I do.

Actually, to be honest and slightly lazy, there was only one sentence from one person that particularly caused me pause.  I think I can just share that sentence...

"However, it also became quite noticeable to me that Gar spends a lot of time talking about Gar and his woes."

On the surface, this comment seems innocent enough.  When I'm in a group environment I don't talk at all.  In a one on one situation I tend to talk about me.  It all goes back to the fallacy of the Golden Rule.  I don't like asking people about their lives so I assume people don't like asking me.  During lulls in conversation I spew forth the most dramatic things I can think of about my woes.  Like the one day I cut my pinkie finger while washing my hands.  It was a vigorous scrubbing.

This one little innocent sentence in a 20 paragraph email telling me that I'm too hard on myself has caused me untold amounts of duress.  Now, even in one on one conversations I question everything I'm about to say for fear of talking about me and/or my woes.  Suddenly I'm even more socially inept than before.

Now when they ask, "Hey Gar, how are you doing?"  I literally can't answer.  All attempts to speak are roadblocked by "Gar spending a lot of time talking about Gar and his woes".  You'd think I wouldn't care.

In fact, this whole blog posting seems to be a glaring proof of Gar blogging about Gar and his woes.  It's quite irritating.

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