Wednesday, October 26, 2011

He's Back

I'm back and frantically attempting to come up with entertaining topics.  You'd think being on a 7 day cruise in the Caribbean and being chased home by Hurricane Rina would be topic enough!  Durango even briefly blogged about me.  It warmed the cockles of my heart to see that he missed me.

I only had one person concerned as to my whereabouts or possible demise.  Sad but true.

My Scuba was successful.  We took an underwater camera, but it wasn't of the digital variety so we're having to wait for the 35mm film to be developed.  We're also not very optimistic as to the quality of the pictures.  Which is too bad because I do look pretty good in a wetsuit.  Everyone thought so.

I'm thinking about writing an informational blog about diving with an insulin pump.  I'll keep you posted.

I'm also rather disgusted that the "Occupy Wall Street" crap is still progressing.  I'm not a fan.  The amount of ignorance coming out of that misguided charade is alarming to say the least.

But, enough of that.  The waves were choppy enough on this cruise to actually make me a little sea sick.  It also could have been the amount of beer I drank the night before.  I'm not passing any verdicts.  A little bit of ginger root fixed me right up.

They cancelled our stop in the Cayman's.  I think because of the beginnings of Hurricane Rina (back when she was just a lowly depression).

I always meet people on the cruise and tell them that I will write about them in my blog.  I never do.  Well, maybe once I did.  This time will not be any different.  I wish now that I had taken pictures of Abbot and Costello.



  1. You need to travel abroad again (and I don't mean on a cruise). The OWS agitation is a symptom of something much, much bigger. I, for one, am gratified that it's actually coming out of the US. When I was in the UK last week, I was amazed to see OWS-echoing protests all over the country. That's pretty cool.

    Is there a lot of theater along with it? You bet. But that's true for any reactionary movement. The Teabaggers and hard right folks know this very well--hell, they even have their own TV network as a bullhorn.

    It's pretty cool to see a large chunk of the population finally reacting against trickle-down Reaganomics.

  2. Oh, and glad you had fun :-)

    SCUBA's a pretty awesome thang, ain't it?

  3. Interestingly, the company I work for offered to send me to UK for two weeks starting today, but I had to decline to take my eldest spawn to a college day function in Austin.

    I watched a little more about the OWS movement the other day and they aren't all ignorant. Some of them voiced opinions I could agree with.

    I just worry that people will blame corporate America rather than the government. I trust Microsoft to give me more benefit for my money than I do Washington.

    In the end, it's all about how the media spins it.