Monday, October 3, 2011

The Melty Man

Preface with this link here if you haven't already read it.

Yesterday, I watched the Cowboys again.  They had accidentally won two games in a row.  One with Tony injured and on drugs and another by some strange field goal kicking anomaly.

As I have said on many occasions and written down twice, for Romo to win games, he needs to take some kind of mind altering medication at halftime so he doesn't melt.  He proved me right again yesterday.  As soon as things get stressful or go the least bit sour he melts like a scoop of ice cream on a black car during a Texas summer.

I like the Cowboys.  I like Jason Garrett as coach.  I like the young offensive line.  I like the defense.  I simply can't stand Tony and his consistent inconsistency.  From now on he will be known as "The Melty Man".

Yesterday, my dislike of Tony got so bad that I accidentally let out a little cheer for the Lions.  It was unintentional.  Really.

Therefore, I am boycotting the Cowboys as long as Romo is quarterback.  If he gets injured like he did last year or just decides to politely step down for the sake of the team, I'd appreciate someone giving me a heads up so I can end my boycott.

I'm a fan of intelligence.  Bradshaw always seems intelligent.  Yesterday he said, “On the taxi squad you’re taught to throw it down there and he [Tony] plays like that. He plays like he’s on the taxi squad. When you look at the interception against the Giants in the playoff game; we look at the bonehead play, the interception against the Jets which would have been a huge win for the Dallas Cowboys; the dropped snap on the field goal. He seems to always make bad plays in big games and that’s what he’s being measured by. He’s rapidly becoming kind of a Danny White. A very good quarterback, White followed Staubach. Now we’re seeing Romo follow Troy Aikman.”

That was Terry's politically correct way of saying, Romo is a bonehead.  Oh wait, he did kind of say that.

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