Sunday, January 8, 2012


The amount of comments I get per day from spam engines is reaching an alarming rate.  Therefore, I'm implementing captcha.  I get very few comments anyway and the amount of spam I get far outweighs the legitimate comments.

I'm starting a cartoon strip about the election.  My first one was just published.  To ridicule, you'll have to enter the captcha.


  1. If you enable comment moderation Google does a good job of putting the spam in the spam folder. This saves your legion of readers and copious commenters from suffering the extreme annoyance of that CAPTCHA thing.

  2. Problem with comment moderation is I'll never look at it if I don't get the emails. If I turn on email notification, then I get the SPAM emails as well as the comments. Captcha it is. I'm sure that the 2 comments per month I get will probably dwindle to 1. Thanks for wasting the 1.

  3. You are such an extremely difficult contrarian. You were easier to deal with when you were still a libertarian.