Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rearranging My Schedule

As you are all aware, I am a cruising maniac.  With this week's headline news about the cruise ship sinking off the coast of Italy, this means one thing to my cruise addicted mind...

I must start rearranging my schedule to take a cruise in the next few months.  There are bound to be specials galore.  Normal people will be trying to cancel trips for fear of "another incident".  Now is the time to cruise.  Captains will be following all safety standards and set courses to the letter.  The next few months will have cruises going out in a most safe and bargain focused fashion.  I plan to take full advantage. 

Of course, being an avid cruiser, I must also wonder about the captain of the ship that sank and where they found him.  On every cruise I've ever been on, it's normally the passengers who are complaining to the captain because he's "too safe".  On my last cruise they cancelled a stop at the Cayman Islands because the waves were too high for a safe debarkation.  Several people on the ship were like, "Just get us close enough and we'll swim!"

Perhaps if someone in Grand Cayman had known our Captain, the Captain would have been kind enough to get within 500 feet of the shore so he could wave.  And run half a billion dollars worth of floating skyscraper aground for a really exciting experience.

I wonder if Costa fired Captain Francesco Schettino or if Carnival (Costa's parent company) gets to fire him.  Because regardless of the circumstances and how all the evidence plays out, he was still the Captain.

I still want to take a Mediterranean Cruise.  It's on my short list.  But now I have to wait for them to get this cleaned up (from the Costa website):
Costa Concordia is the largest and most luxury vessel from the family of Costa Cruises. The ship is the symbol of the largest cruise company is Europe. Costa Concordia is really amazing ship with length of 290.00 meters and beam of 36.00 meters. The cruise ship is having 114,500 gross tonnage and capacity for 3,700 passengers and 1,100 crew members.

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